Salad Garden Product Reviews – Part B

Gardening is a great way to relieve stress while growing your own healthy fruits and vegetables. But a full-blown vegetable garden isn’t for everyone. Some of us don’t have the space or the desire to start a large vegetable garden outside. That doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from growing our own food. Micro gardening is the perfect solution if you’re short on time or space. Just grow a few little things in containers on your counter or patio.

Indoor Salad Garden Starter Kit: Seeds, Growing Dome

Get a head start on your vegetable gardening with this indoor salad garden starter kit. Getting seedlings at your local garden center is fine, but you’re limited to the lettuce plants and herbs they decide to carry. And let’s face it, buying seedlings to start your garden can get pricey. Even if you can find them for $3 – 4, that quickly adds up to quite a bit of change.

Not only will you save this year on buying seedlings for your garden, but for many growing seasons to come. As an added bonus, you know you end up with healthy seedlings that have grown on nothing but dirt and water. No need to worry about what your future food has been sprayed and treated with. You have full control.

It’s a lot of fun to grow your plants from seeds ( note only use local seeds, burn any seeds from overseas as they may present a bio-security risk to your country). There’s no greater accomplishment as a gardener then being able to grow your food from start to finish. Another great use for these growing domes is growing microgreens. You may have heard of those little green superfoods. They are nothing more than tiny seedlings of your favorite herbs and salad plants. Once the seeds start to sprout, you know you’ll be ready to harvest microgreens in just a few days. After that reseed and start growing your next batch. Give it a try and see if this method gets you growing and harvesting your favorite salad greens sooner.

If you’re ready to start growing your salad greens from seed , get this kit and give yourself head start. The growing dome is 12×12 inches, making it small and easy enough to sit on a counter or shelf out of the way. The dome also ensures that your baby plants are protected and the growing environment stays moist.

Simply Good Box

Have you heard of micro gardening? It’s a fun new trend in gardening that doesn’t take a lot of time, effort or space. Yet you can end up with incredibly healthy foods like the microgreens you can grow with this Simply Good Box.

By Home Greens – The Simplest Way to Grow Amazing Microgreens

Growing microgreens is the perfect way to get your gardening feet wet (or should I say hands). They are easy to grow and you are ready to harvest just a few days after the seeds start to sprout. Speaking of seeds… when you’re growing microgreens you want to start with quality non-gmo and organic seeds like the ones in this box by Home Greens.

You get plenty of seeds for pea shoots, wheatgrass, sunflowers, and radishes with this particular product. The box they are packed in serves as two growing trays and had been treated with a moisture resistant material on the inside to prevent water leaking out.

Using this duo tray growing system is easy. Fill your boxes about ¾ of the way with quality potting soil (not included) and plant your seeds. Gently cover with a little more soil and mist or sprinkle water to hydrate the soil. Water as needed to keep the soil moist over the coming days. The seeds will start to sprout and your microgreens are ready to harvest after the first few real leaves appear. Harvest and reseed as needed.

This particular set of microgreens has been handpicked for its nutritional benefits. The pea shots are easy to grow and very versatile. Add them to your salads, throw them in your soups or stir-frys or add them to your smoothies. The sunflower microgreens are an excellent source of protein and amino acids. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you definitely want these on your menu. Wheatgrass is a nutritional powerhouse, full of iron, amino acids, and vitamins A, C & E. Grow it to make your own wheatgrass juice, or add it to your favorite green smoothies. And if you have cats, they love to snack on a little wheat grass as well. The radish greens grow fast and make for an excellent source of Vitamin B6. Add them to your salads and green smoothies for a tasty nutritional boost.

Microgreens Growing Kit – Grow Micro Greens & Baby Salad

When you’re ready to dive in and you’re interested in microgreens for your salads and smoothies, a growing kit like this is the perfect product to get you started. You order it and everything comes shipped in a box from growing containers and soil to seeds and complete instructions. The only thing you need to supply is your hands and some water.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s included in the Microgreens Growing kit. You get six durable growing kits. This allows you to grow a variety of different microgreens and you can get them started at different times. Why is this important? Microgreens grow fast and you need to harvest and eat them just as fast. By staggering your planting over the course of a week or two, you can make sure you have fresh new sprouts coming up on a regular basis.

The kit also includes the soil you need to get started as well as ph testing kits. These will come in handy to make sure you get the best results possible. Follow the included directions and supplement your soil as needed. Not only will this insure a good and nutrient dense harvest, you also learn a lot about the soil you’re using and your plants. This will come in handy for many growing seasons to come.

Of course no kit would be complete without seeds. What’s nice about this particular one is the large variety of seeds. You get Sunflower, Buckwheat, Dun Pea, Cilantro and Beet. Having a good variety makes for pretty microgreens and it gets a lot of different nutrients into your system. Also included are a laminated instruction card and a spray bottle. Spray bottles make watering microgreens easy and you don’t have to worry about hurting your baby sprouts.



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