Plants and Trees to Attract Bees

all year gardening

These days, bees need all the help they can get. Your all year home gardening plans can certainly keep this in mind. While anything you want to do with all year gardening is going to be at least somewhat dependent upon where you live, how much space you have, and other elements, there are still options for those who want plants and trees that attract bees.


Invite Bees To Your Garden

Bees are a welcome sight at any garden. They use the flowers and trees to pollinate, which is an essential part of making honey. Their environment has become under attack in recent years for a number of reasons. Adding plants or trees to a garden can be a great way to help hives and communities throughout the area.

all year gardening

At the same time, bees can be really beneficial to your garden. There are also some gorgeous trees and flowers that you can add to your garden, which also have the benefit of being attractive to bees.


Flowers And Trees That Are Perfect For Bees –

 There are several dozen different flowers and trees that can be used to attract bees. Bees account for around eighty percent of all pollination, so it goes without saying that they can bring a ton of great benefits to your garden. Some people even choose to set up a hive in conjunction with the garden, once the bees begin to appear. That is entirely your choice to make, but there is something to be said for having your own honey supply. By no means complete, here is a short list of flowers and trees that have the added benefit of being able to attract bees to your garden:

  • Flowers: Moonbeam coreopsis, speedwells, euphorbias, phlox’, any variety of columbines, Lenten roses, bee balm, crocus, pussy willows, and milkweeds are just a few examples of the flowers that attract bees.all year gardening
  • Trees: The range of trees that attract bees is truly staggering. A few examples include all varieties of fruit trees, lindens, maples, poplars, buckthorns, elderberries, squash, melons, chives, grapes, sunflowers, shrubs, burning bushes, and butterfly bushes are just a few of the trees that are known to attract bees in droves.


Help The Bees with Plants and Trees to Attract Bees

All year home gardening can certainly include flowers and trees that appeal to bees. Consider the benefits of inviting the bees along to your all year gardening plans. At the end of the day, you won’t be sorry.