How To Have Perfect Garden Statues

Regarding all year home gardening, there is certainly nothing wrong with adding a garden statue to the scene. However, this might be one of the trickier aspects of all year gardening. It is one thing to pick out the statue. It becomes another thing entirely when you bring it home and have to figure out where to put it!

Garden Statue Placement

The problem with garden statue placement is that there isn’t much middle ground. Either it looks perfect where it is placed, or it does not. When placed correctly, your garden statue can serve as a stirring centerpiece to your garden. Really, with the right placement, garden statues can express whatever you want them to.


Unfortunately, failing to place the statue correctly can result in a garden that looks cramped, or too busy. It can create a yard that looks messy, or even tacky. None of those things are terms you want to associate with your garden.

garden statue


How To Make Sure Your Statue Is Placed Correctly

Planning out your ideas before you even leave the house is a good way to start. It can give you a clear idea of what you need to look for at the store. You will also be able to benefit from knowing exactly where to place the statue or statues, once you have brought it/them home. Start by coming up with the theme of your garden or yard. Do you have a theme? If not, your garden statue will likely set the tone. Shabby chic, Zen garden, and country living are just a few popular themes.


When you know what your theme is going to be, it is going to be a lot easier to avoid a statue that clashes. For example, most people cannot really imagine a Buddha statue in a rustic country garden. However, the right person could probably make it work!

Summary – How To Have Perfect Garden Statues

With all year home gardening and statues, what you ideally want to do is place the statue off to the side, but still in view from as many of your major windows as possible. To that end, some people actually prefer to establish their all year gardening statues to be set up in a nice, open space. Others still will use frames in the landscaping to highlight them.


In the end, you’re trying to highlight functionality and landscape design. Look around your backyard or garden. Where do you tend to spend the most time? Where do you like to bring people?