Growing Your Own Morning Green Shot

You can grow your own morning green shot of veggies even if you live in an apartment, a condo, or a small house.  Even if you have a backyard it might too hot for days and without shade to protect your veggies. You won’t even need an expensive greenhouse or shade cloth.

That’s OK, you can all have a garden and be a gardener and reap off of the added healthy benefits of stress reduction, increased immunity, being happy and growing your own chemical free greens.

You can grow a green shot garden inside because these little babies are delicate germinating seeds. The germinating seeds like the same exact climate that we do.

Sprouts or microgreens are some of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. This means they have the most amount of vitamins, phytochemicals, phytonutrients and minerals per ounce, or gram compared to the calories.

green shot

They are very low calories, yet packed full of nutrition. You can grow broccoli sprouts, wheat, rice brassica such as brussel sprouts as well as pea sprouts. All very good and highly protective for the body. Much better for you than buying your greens that have been sprayed many times and travel large distances to reach the supermarket for you to buy.

Once you are home, washing only removes a small amount of the chemical residues. There are ways to remove all pesticide residues and you can read this here How to wash off 95% of chemicals so your Summer Berries are safe to eat.

It’s very empowering to take control of the food you eat and feed your family. Very powerful foods that you can grow literally in a half gallon mason jars

Seventy degrees is just perfect to grow a sprout and leafy greens to feed the entire family. No matter your climate outside, you can always grow these plants inside, especially any time of year, whether it’s hot in the summer, whether it’s cool, snowing outside in the winter.

This is not rocket science. You’re just germinating some seeds. And the cool thing about growing in this way, is that it is so quick and you’ll be juicing your first green shot within the week.

Growing Your Own Morning Green Shot

Green Shot

When you grow inside, start with raw seeds. Soak for a couple days, and then let them grow for two days and then he transplants them out. Wheatgrass takes him about 7-8 days, sunflower greens take about 6-7 days.

So you know that’s a very quick time that you can be starting to grow your own food. So just imagine if you started today, by next week, you could be harvesting some of your own greens to eat.

Greens are the number one under-eaten food on the entire planet, and especially in America with the standard American diet where there’s so much processed foods, and junk foods, and animal foods in excess are being eaten.


I really want to focus on eating your leafy greens. We’ve all gone to the grocery store and you see those little boxes of sprouts. And, man, they’re getting expensive. When I was a kid, I can remember a little box of sprouts was like 39 cents, 49 cents,59 cents, you know; and nowadays, to buy a little thing of sprouts is like $2, man, and if you look on there, it’s only like a couple ounces of food for $2, it gets quite expensive.

Growing your own sprouts is one of the best ways to get the most nutrition and also save the most money. Any seeds will work, even if it’s meant for growing plants outside.

Green shot

It’s actually always better to buy sprouting seeds specifically, because sprouting seeds have been tested for contamination and that’s really important. Also the sprouting seeds generally have a higher germination rate than just standard seeds.

Of course, if you guys are growing broccoli outside, let your broccoli plants go to flower, and then save your seeds and use those seeds to grow your sprouts.

Once you have the seeds, all you need to do is use is 4 teaspoons and soak them overnight, about 8 hours, 12 hours, you know sprouts are not picky, sprouts are not picky.


Soak them overnight and then get a jar like the one in the picture above with a little lid on. You can put holes in the lid or use, you know, like some kind of cheese cloth with a rubber band.

After soaking, just rinse them and drain all the water out.

Then you just set the jar in a nice place and out of the direct sun and not in the closet either.

And then, they’re going to start sprout and grow.

Green shot

They’re going to start growing just like; they’re just like little babies and in just about 6 days, you will be ready to harvest.

These are the ones ready to eat. So literally in six days, you could have probably one of the most, uh, important anti-cancerfoods in the entire world, right?

The broccoli sprouts. They contain sulforophane, isothiocynates, and all these other discovered, and undiscovered, phytonutrients that is really important to eat on a regular basis.

Now once you have your sprouts, how do you eat them?

Well, that’s a good question.

You can juice them, just eat them.

Our teeth are our best juicers, however, most of us don’t chew our food properly. Sprouts may take two chews and swallow so a juicer is definitely something better to use.

Eat them raw, add as a garnish to any food. Soup, sandwiches, salads, roast, casseroles. It’s very important not to heat or cook your broccoli sprouts because you will lose some of the nutrient benefits.

A salad made with an assortment of sprouts is delicious. You’re getting all different kinds of vegetables in your diet.

All you need are some, mason jars, some lids, some clean water and seeds.

And I know you can do this.

You can try wheatgrass, sunflower as well as pea microgreens. Broccoli is so simple.




 Storing Your Seeds

In your packet of seeds, there are literally hundreds of seeds and you won’t use them all at once. store your seeds properly. If you’re going to grow your green seriously, buy the seeds in bulk, a pound at a time. Simply store them in a food grade plastic bucket.

Now besides just soaking these in water, I also encourage you to add a teaspoon of an organic water soluble liquid nutrient solution. The seeds absorb this extra nutrition when they’re growing. Seeds with nutrient support end up growing crunchier than without using them.

Grow them like this for about two days. Then just drain it out and just leave lay in ambient light, not indirect sun or anything like that.

As the seeds germinate, the seeds start to pop open, a little tail comes out.

There you have it, so easy. If you like the idea of edible gardening, there’s lots more information Edible All Year Gardening -Salad Bowl 101.

You’ll buy less food, save more money and get healthier all at the same time.

Finally be sure to share this article with somebody else that wants to grow some food but has been scared to grow outside, growing indoors is a lot easier than growing outside. There is less variability in the temperature and no pests to eat on your young seedlings.

To get going, there is very minimal investment equipment like a jar, some seeds and some good purified water to get you guys started.