Best Gardening Books and Popular ” How To” Videos

Gardening inspiration cam come from our gardening buddies as well as Best Books For Gardening.

Gardening can be complex and we all need ideas and answers for landscaping design, plantings, soil support, innovation, container gardening and solving problems.

Best Gardening Books

With so many books about Gardening, its hard to choose. Amazon lists 135,000 gardening books and not all books are created equal. That’s why we have searched through the Amazon collection to find the best for you.

We hope this starter lists helps you to grow a more beautiful, productive and sustainable garden. We’ll be growing the list with specialist selections and have started with

Best Gardening BooksBest Books – Vegetable Gardening and Best Books – Bee Keeping.

Popular “How To”  Video’s,

As you know, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and this originates from the Chinese saying “百闻不如一见”  and “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.” according to Youtube Guest Bloggers Troy Olson, and Jeff Loquist .

Here are the most popular gardening video’s. Each has a lot of views, many over  1 million views on Youtube.

To save you the time of searching, here is a selection of the very best gardening videos providing hands on ideas and skills for the novice and experienced gardener.

Vertical Gardeningvertical gardening

(click above for video’s)

Vegetable Gardeningcarrot

(click above for video’s)


If you think we have missed a book or popular video that is fabulous, let us know.

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