BEE your own Boss create a sweet income stream

Beekeeping can be a profitable business creating a new income for you.

With the vast dying off of bee colonies, our Bee’s must survive as our food supply as depends on them.

Become a Bee Keeper and help our Bee numbers grow to sustain our way of producing food for all. Create a new sweet income stream for you and your family.

As a start, just eat more honey.honey-








Would A Beekeeping Business Work for You?

Some people have romantic notions about being a Bee Keeper. They think that they just have a few hives and the honey appears magically.

But you must care for your bees, keep the right flowering plants around for them to pollinate, feed them when needed and watch for problems to keep their number growing for honey production.

Do you want to become a beekeeper or increase your number of hives from a hobby to a business?  Consider the following questions and answer them honestly.

Do You Enjoy Being Outdoors?

This is a given really, so read on.

Do You Like Gardening?

As you will have gathered, to have a healthy bee colony you need to provide food to them in the form of flowering plants. Cultivating specific plants can also affect how the honey looks and tastes, so there is a lot of fun in deciding what type of plants you want to use for your honey bees. If nurturing plants seems like something you’d like to do, you may love being a beekeeper too.

Do You Like to Be Challenged?

Beekeeping isn’t as simple as just getting a hive, and you’re done. It’s a science that you’ll need to learn over time to keep your bees healthy and safe – and if you wish, produce honey for use and sale without starving your bees.

Do You or your family have Bee Allergies?

If you are allergic to bees, forget the dream of becoming a bee keeper. What you can do instead if you want to help the environment is allow other beekeepers to keep some hives on your land away from your primary residence or places you tend to use.

That way, you’re helping improve the quality and quantity of the bee population without having to do it yourself. Typically, if the bees do produce enough honey, you’ll be given some of it as your fee for providing some of your land for the bee colonies.

Is Your Climate Right for Bees?

Honey bees can thrive in many climates, and you can have bees in every single state in the US. In fact, surprisingly the biggest producer of honey is North Dakota. Even though honey bees thrive best in forested and tropical areas, they can thrive in any environment that has a lot of flowering plants. They will produce more honey in colder climates because they need to build bigger and more insulated nests to protect the queen in the wintertime.

So, you can have honey bees anywhere, but you may not get as much honey production in warmer climates as you will in colder, more temperate climates.

Would You Like to BEE your own Boss create a new sweet income stream?

A bee business can be full time or part-time. There are so many positive aspects of starting your own business. Being Your Own Boss is an exciting opportunity to be creative and flexible, although working from home does require self-discipline and ongoing

BEE your own Boss create a sweet income stream

Here are some other great features and positive aspects:

  • Set your own schedule

When you first begin working from home, you should take things one baby step at a time.

Set up a schedule where you work and try not to go outside of this time frame. The last thing you want is to get burn out early on. You need to balance things well to be successful and be able to stay committed.

  • Low Expenses

The costs are a lot lower than a brick and mortar business or shopfront since you do not have to rent a shop, hire employees, renovate the building, deal with inspectors and so much more that goes into running an ‘out of the house’ store.

  • Home with the children

If you have kids being a work at home dad or mom is a success in itself. Your kids will not have to go to daycare, and you will be at home when they need you. For the school years, you can walk or drive them to school, and be there for sporting events, class assemblies, concerts. You know the list is endless.

  • Available for caring

Aging parents, even if they are in care need your time. Often you can’t schedule the trips to the Doctor, Podiatrist, Eye Specialist, Dentist, and this list also goes on. Not to mention the quality time you want to spend with you loved ones to add quality to their lives and yours.

Start An Online BEE Business

Beekeeping is one of the “hot” online topics. This means there are millions of people looking online for information about bee keeping. Why not start an online business hobby and as it grows see if it takes you on a journey of worklife balance and flexiblity. can help.

Creating your own business gives you time to be flexible for a caring role with both parents and children.

There are many more advantages to working from home that you will quickly discover.  It truly is an incredible experience and one that you will be proud of.

How are you feeling after considering all of these factors?

Ready to take the next step bee-beautiful step?bee apprentice