One Square Foot of Soil = 6 Feet of Vertical Gardening Growing Space

The Reason Why You Should Try Vertical Gardens For An All Year Gardening Solution


As a home gardening enthusiast, explore the possibilities of vertical gardening. Not only do vertical gardens allow anyone to do some gardening, but it is the perfect solution for an all year gardening solution.

vertical garden

If you are still not entirely sold on why you should get in on this all year home gardening trend?

Here are some of the sure to get your gardening reasons why you should try out vertical gardening.

Create A Garden Virtually Anywhere

Space is undoubtedly one of the reasons that gave birth to the “growing up” gardening method. Regardless of the amount of space you are working with, you can maximize on it with vertical gardening.

With vertical gardens, you can make use of stack up techniques to raise garden beds and plant climbers to increase productivity.

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All Year Gardening Privacy

Using your imagination and creativity, you can grow your plants up all around your windows and doors. It creates a nature-inspired privacy screen.

Instead of using regular window/door screens, use a natural approach to it by growing climbing plants.

vertical tree

Grow Healthier Plants

The ease of access to vertical plants makes it easier to reach them for watering and pruning. Also, air circulation gets a marked improvement with plants grown vertically.

Plant pests as well as disease problems featureless with vertical gardening. Damage caused by digging and burrowing animals get eliminated with the growing up method.


Creative Use of Spaces

Vertical gardens are not only for people living in apartments in the city, but anyone with a decent amount of space can still make use of the”bottom up” growing method.

Create arches, gazebos, arbors, and pergolas with vertically growing plants. Go creative and take some of these structures indoors to bring a piece of the outdoors inside your home.

Likewise, you can uplift the beauty around your home by adding some character and color to it with vertical plants. Plant your flowers or vegetables in window boxes or hanging baskets. For an all year home gardening appeal, go for plants that thrive throughout the year.hanging garden-petunia

Diversify Your Crop Range

The possibilities of the plants, vegetables, and grains that you can grow with vertical gardens are limitless. You could grow some pumpkins on vines, flowers on window boxes, and some tomatoes out on the porch.


You also get to create an all year gardening-induced micro climate to cool up, shade, and freshen the air around your home.

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