Best Tips For Growing Olive Trees

Olive trees can be a wonderful element to your all year home gardening. While olive trees are not ideal for all of the different examples of all year gardening, this is still a possibility that is worth exploring. Olive trees are quite lovely, and there are a number of additional benefits that you will be able to enjoy.

There are a few things to consider, when it comes to tips for growing olive trees.


Why People Love Olive Trees

Besides the chance to enjoy the “fruits” of an olive tree’s labors, many home gardeners love the fact that olive trees are incredibly durable. Furthermore, these trees tend to be fairly easy to plan, in addition to being fairly easy to care for.

Olive oil

People also like the fact that olive trees can be grown indoors. Even better, olive trees can be grown and maintained even during the cold winter months. However, if you are planning to do this, keep in mind that caring for the tree under such circumstances can be a little challenging. Keep in mind that olive trees are highly demanding of light, whether you grow them outdoors, or prefer to learn how to grow olive trees indoors.


Best Tips For Growing Olive Trees

Here are some basic elements to planting and caring for olive trees that are important to understand:


  • Planting: When it comes to planting, olive trees are going to prefer well-drained soil with easy exposure to lots and lots of sunlight. Simply plant in native soil, and then backfill with the same.
  • Fertilization: While olive tree fertilizers are not required for olive trees, you’re still going to want to favor a regimen that emphasizes high nutrition. Regardless of the specific fertilizer you choose, remember to feed lightly and often during its season.Olive tree
  • Mulch: Avoid wood chips like the plague. Ideally, you should also use pine straw for your mulch.
  • Watering: Although olive trees are one of the most drought-resistant plants out there, you’re still going to want to water frequently.
  • Pruning: Generally speaking, pruning is not essential to caring for your olive tree. However, light pruning to create a desired shape is fine.
  • Pests/bugs: Armored scale insects are really the only major pest out there. A range of products are available to help you.


Enjoy Your Olive Tree!

It’s easy to see why olive trees are so popular with all year home gardening. If you want something beautiful, simple, and useful, this can be a perfect addition to all year gardening.