Hanging feeders to attract birds to your garden

Birdbaths, Food or Water, Hanging Bird Feeders, Bowls of Fruit or Grain – How to attract birds to your garden


Let’s look at Hanging Feeders

If you are looking for ways to attract local wildlife to your garden or yard, you’ll certainly attract birds with a hanging bird feeder.

If you are considering feeder for your outdoor area, there are a few things that are worth keeping in mind.


Benefits Of Hanging Bird Feeders

There are tons of benefits to hanging bird feeders. In the first place, you’re adding another food source for birds that may be stressed due to a cold and frozen winter or even seasonal changes impacting on their usual food source.


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Birds may also be trying to raise babies so a bird feeder makes their job so much easier.

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The ready-made design of most hanging bird feeders means you don’t have to buy or add anything in the way of attachments or additions. A hook, a length of some twine, or even a cord is really all you’re going to need.

Location convenience is another nice element to these bird feeders. You can set them up with a gutter, a pole, a garden hook, a tree, an arbor, an arch, or elsewhere.

Don’t forget about height protection either. Because the bird feeder will be away from the ground, animals that aren’t birds shouldn’t be able to get to it. Furthermore, it can protect the bird from predators while it eats.

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Hanging Your Bird Feeder

S-hooks are an accepted method for hanging your bird feeder. You can also use the twine or cord we mentioned before, but remember to avoid anything that is elastic or springy.

As far as the location for your bird feeder is considered, your best bet is any area in which impact from winds will be at an absolute minimum. Strong winds can not only knock off the food, but it can discourage birds from eating there.

Test the sturdiness of whatever you decide to hang the feeder from, and remember that shaded areas can protect the feeder from excessive spoilage. You may want to consider hanging the feeder near places in which birds can make their home.

Finally, consider putting a baffle above your feeder, if you’re eager to discourage pests.


Dont forget to clean your feeder everytime you fill it as the grain can become moldy or soggy. Keeping it clean also helps to reduce any transmission of bird diseases.