All Year Gardening Tips For Small Spaces

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all year gardening


All year home gardening is not something that is limited to those who have large spaces. At the end of the day, most spaces can take advantage of the challenges and benefits of all year gardening. Whether you have a small closet, a small backyard, or even less space to work with than that, it is important to remember that you have options.


If you’re ready to create a beautiful garden within your limited amount of space, there are some simple things you will want to keep in mind.


What Kind Of Gardening Can I Do With My Small Space?

Obviously, small spaces are going to have to deal with certain limitations. Even so, you’re quickly going to discover that these limitations are not nearly as elaborate or difficult as you might imagine.

all year gardening

Gardening with a small space largely comes down to making some difficult decisions, in terms of deciding what to plant. Obviously, you won’t be able to plant everything you want. Still, if you understand the space you’re choosing, you’re going to be able to accomplish a lot.

all year gardening

And in terms of the space itself, there are a number of different areas that can prove to be appropriate. Most small gardens are going to be enclosed with at least one side of a building. Many small urban gardens use two more sides. If you’re planning to set up your garden in the outdoors, remember that you want optimal space and optimal shade.

Additional Tips For Gardening In Small Spaces

Remember that just because you’re dealing with a small garden, it doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to small plants. While there is certainly a premium on space, you can still plant just about anything you want in your garden, provided you have the space and shade to do so.

If you want your garden to function as a small outdoor room, consider shrubs or other tall plants to create the desired effect.

Getting Creative With Your Small Garden

As far as all year home gardening is concerned, a creative mind can certainly find a number of locations in which to create their small garden. Driveways, shutters, parking strips, postholes, vertical gardening towers, and city roofs are all potential spots. You can also consider spaces like patios, and there are even those who use spaces like tables, trays, or the top of a doghouse.


As you consider a small garden for all year gardening, keep all of these ideas in mind.

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