10 Culinary, Kindness and Delicious Reasons to Create a Kitchen Garden

Have you ever wondered exactly what a “kitchen garden” is or how it differs from a regular vegetable garden?

Creating a kitchen garden for All Year Gardening pleasure.

For starters, a kitchen garden or sometimes called a culinary garden or potager (pronounced puh-ta-zhay), is a special kind of Edible Garden with a rich history tracing back to old English and French culinary gardens.

10 Reasons to Create a Kitchen Garden



  1. Much like a traditional vegetable garden, a kitchen garden is the home cooks delight filled with delicious fruits, vegetables, herbs and edible flowers. Freshly picked herbs and garnishes can invigorate a meal to create a true sense of home cooking.

basil2. A kitchen garden can be created in the smallest of spaces from a sunny windowsill to an apartment balcony to grow abundant crops. If you are growing indoors, sun and moisture or artificial light is all that is needed.

3. Microgreens are easily grown and are especially nourishing and suited to these conditions. Your morning clean, green detox green smoothie is the perfect use of your kitchen garden greens.Smoothie


4. The kitchen garden provides the special added ingredients that make a dish by adding to flavor or presentation.


5. With a kitchen garden,  it’s easy to grab what you need while you are cooking. Your fresh ingredients are only a few steps away from your back door.

Imagine you are in the middle of preparing dinner when you suddenly realize “this marinade could use a little more rosemary.” A kitchen garden right outside your door with rosemary creates a beautiful fragrance as you snip a couple of sprigs for dinner.

Our rosemary is not precisely at the back door and thrives on general neglect it is such a versatile herb with many culinary uses.  rosemary-


6. All Year Gardening Kitchen gardens are smaller, and there is less work involved, and they can be very productive especially vertical gardens.


7. A Kitchen Garden is a good beginners garden. Containers of fresh herbs, compact cherry tomato plants, or an assortment of leaf lettuce varieties all make great additions to a culinary garden.  A small kitchen garden can keep you in fresh, delicious produce all season long.

8. A Kitchen Garden is perfect for older folk who love to garden but can’t to the heavy work. Creating a Kitchen Garden indoors or a few steps away is a great gift, and you can visit to help with garden maintenance and harvesting.

9. The charm of a kitchen garden comes from its ornamental aspect adding beauty to your home, as well fragrance.USA Flower Gifting Guide

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10. A Kitchen Garden, especially for All Year Gardening in containers suit herbs very well. Most herbs love dryer conditions living in pots and containers. They were first grown in Mediterranean climates, and modern cultivars are very hardy.

Choose your herbs to suit your favorite foods as well as their medicinal benefits.

Some herbs, such as lemon thyme, can be used to create a beautiful and fragrant border around plants and containers. Edible flowers, such as violas and daylilies, can be incorporated to add a splash of color.

Compact blueberry shrubs are also highly ornamental and make a beautiful pot of color.

As you can see, a kitchen garden offers both convenience and beauty in a compact space. The best part is it doesn’t take much to get started.

All you need is a couple of large pots, some fresh herbs, your favorite compact tomato plant and lettuce varieties and you’ll be on your way!